Why can't I access yahoo mail with emClient?

11:08:59 AM username@yahoo.com [IMAP] Authentication aborted because no supported scheme was announced by server.
I am finding that emClient does not support yahoo mail or vice versa. Any thoughts to resolve?

yahoo is fully supported by eM Client. Are you sure you’ve got the newest version of our application?

What is the newest version? I am using 2,7,8095,0 and installed it yesterday. Can you address my error message for guidance on resolution?

I launched emClient again this morning and same error messages.

I deleted and reinstalled the yahoo profile allowing the wizard to choose all the settings.

The issue is that yahoo changed their connection settings. The fix will be available with the next release. Meanwhile change your yahoo account settings according to the screenshot below.

Thanks. Better response from Yahoo. No response within 30 second timeout. But Yahoo servers are not rejecting the call now. Any suggestions on tweaking the connection to work better?

I’m getting the "Server says “[AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed” Message, every time you send/receive.

Does not do this with other email clients, just eM Client. Is there a fix?


Yahoo mail is source of much problems, have your account worked before or this has occured when you were adding new account?

If you were adding new account then please try to re-add it but do it manually - tools - accounts - new account - mail - other.

but because you are trying to send and receive already if possible send me SMTP logs, Tools - Settings - Advanced, mark off SMTP under your Yahoo account, apply and restart eM Client.

after this try to send and receive again and send me logs to: galis@emclient.com

together with this topic’s URL: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…