Why can't eM Client's software engineers, keep their fingers off a decent program? Each update, em Client goes down the tube.

Why does the latest update now cause excessive synchro of messages? I cannot tell you while reading a message, it disappears and then returns 15 seconds later due to synchroing messages…

Whatever changes you did to eM Client, you have made this product nearly unusable.

Free is over charging for this product…

If such change was made there was certainly a good reason. Send us your IMAP logs - then I will be able to tell you more. Thank you.

I use SMTP…seriously, why can’t you leave well enough alone???

Horrible program, simply horrible.

I do not think you are using SMTP for receiving messages … Anyway I asked you kindly for the IMAP logs which would provide us more information and could help us find the cause of the issue - it is the only way how to get this sorted.