Why are my messages going to the junk email folder

For some reason a number of emails from different people keep going to the junk email folder.
I have tried right clicking on their emails & move to in box & remove blacklisted email. But they keep appearing in the junk box. I am having to check the junk box every day to make sure I’m not missing emails. As I never marked any of these contacts as blacked list why are they going there?

This usually happens because your “Mail Server” spam / filtering is automatically moving them to the junkmail folder, so inturn eM Client then just reflects / mirrors that locally.

So go into your Mailbox / Settings online and look at the filtering / junkmail settings to see if you can either set these specific recipients to not junk or disable the mail server junkmail / spam checking.

If you cannot see how to do that, contact your mailbox server technical support.

This problem only began a few months ago & as I hadn’t changed anything in my mail server I can’t see why it is my mail server problem. The only thing I’ve done is up date Email Client.

Do a test, close eM Client and then go online to your email account and see if those specific email senders go in the Junk mail / Spam folder.

If they do, you know it’s Mailbox server related and not eM Client as I suspect.

However if it doesn’t go to the Junkmail / Spam folder online in your mailbox, then go back into eM Client “Menu / Rules” and remove the check boxes next to "Spam filter , "Blacklisted , etc so there is no rule filtering at all and then save rules.

If disabling all rules works, then these specific senders must still be in an eM Client rules somewhere and you need to dbl-clheck the rules again.

Also in eM Client rules, “along the top” you can click “the drop-down menu” for “Local or Server rules” to check for anything blocked in there as well.