Why app doesn't show new emails unless opened

Great app, any idea why the app icon doesn’t show new emails unless I open the app. I have notifications all set to yes, using Iphone 14pro.

Hope you can help

Dave A

Do you have Push Mail enabled in your accounts ?

Go to Settings / Account and see if the Push mail slider is enabled “inside each account”.

Also see if the app will receive push mail “when open and running in the background” as I currently “can only get the Android app version to receive push mail when open running in the background”.

Note:- If push mail is already enabled, then send that feedback to [email protected] and let them know your iPhone OS version and eM Client app version and if it receives while open running in the background.

Thanks for the reply, yes it was set to push, I will send an email off

All the best


I have this issues as well but on iOS. all the settings as far as I can see the settings are correct. i get the push notifications but the read count does not update

it only updates when the app is running in foreground

Might be an IOS issue, have emailed them, see what happens next