who is George Wilson? I am not using eMclient for commercial use. Are you really representing eMclient??

Got an email today from George Wilson, representing eMclient, says they are suspecting me of using for commercial reasons.  Is this email for real or just a con?

If the email was from an emclient.com address, then it is certainly from George Wilson.

If you are not using your license in violation of the terms, you should reply to him and explain that. All will be well.

If you are violating the license terms, purchase a Pro License.

Saw similar reports here on the forum the last few days, too.

So what’s up emClient? Do you monitor your users or spy on them? Please clarify and respect our privacy!


I thought you had abandoned eM Client, Michael.

Thanks for the info.  Appreciate your rely!

Personal use only!

@Gary, you are correct of course!

However, from time to time I start reading the postings here again to see if sthg. significantly has changed within emClient that would make me return. So far, however, no chance.

And what’s more: my wife still does use emClient using a personal license while I do own a lifetime license that I’m not using anymore.

So more or less I’m speaking for my wife when commenting this posting here.
And to be honest, nowadays privacy is very important so emClient should respect this, too.


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it would be prudent if eM Client could comment on this issue of privacy, as there have been a few queries about this recently.  Russel told me that they are not using any kind of algorithm for automatic checking for license violations, but somebody (George Wilson) must be checking something. I doubt they pick someone at random. Or maybe they do.

Hello Joan,

George Wilson is one of our Sales team staff. The message you received is for real, I suggest you reply or you might be banned for violation of our License policy.

To address Mike’s concerns - eM Client does not read your messages or otherwise violate your privacy. I can assure you that the violation of our policy is checked in an ethical way. 

When you register a Free license you agree to our Terms of use and Privacy policy, if you want to check in more detail on what kind of data we can access.


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I am sorry you feel that way. The message says they are suspected of violating the license agreement, so simply follow the instructions and reply, giving some explanation. If there is an error, it will be corrected.

It seems simple enough to just reply to the email explaining that they do in fact only use the program for personal use. If they can communicate with their grand children, they can respond saying, “We don’t use this for a business, we are retired.”

People work hard and are giving their work away to people who are not in business. Somehow something got tripped, or they just randomly send out a notice checking. You think that is horrible? You deserve to get their work for free? They can’t query about a possible violation?

Now, if after they have responded, emclient demands copies of their tax returns, then I think you’ll have a point.