Who is attempting to view blocked content?

I’m curious about the message ‘n attempts to view possibly dangerous content were made’. I have clicked on show blocked content and it is usually smileys or emoticons in a lot of mail I get but who is attempting to view this ‘content’ and how?

I don’t think anyone is attempting to see your content, Mike. I’ve noticed the same thing, and I always click on “show blocked content”. When I do, everything appears properly, and I’ve noticed a correlation between the number of items that appear and the message about the number of attempts to view possibly dangerous content. Therefore I think that it refers simply to the number of times within a specific email message that there was an occurrence of something that eMClient felt should be blocked. For instance, if there’s a header, a signature and a couple of emoticons, it would see 4 attempts to view possibly dangerous content. I think that all this is is a poorly constructed message to the user.

I assumed that was the case, but I’ve had mail that blocked 29 items! Too many to identify I thought. Unless I’m happy with the sender I don’t show content.

You’re right. It is badly constructed, and at least, should be explained in the help file.

Is there a way to turn this off?

You can disable blocking of unsafe content in Settings - Privacy.

I don’e see Privacy under Settings! I’m using 4.0.15145.0.

Is it my eyesight?


In version 4.0 it is under Tools - Settings - Read - Unsafe Content

got it. Thank you George, I will see how that behavior works.