Whitelisting spam has no effect

I am connecting to hotmail and outlook.com using EM. I have legitimate emails that constantly go to the EM Spam folder even though I have repeatedly Marked them as “remove blacklisted email” and “remove blacklisted domain”. I have also verified outlook.com is not putting the emails in spam folder at the source. Something in EM is marking these emails (from my kid’s school) to always go to Spam folder and it’s very frustrating as I have already missed important announcements.

Any ideas on how to turn off Spam processing rules in EM? I can let Outlook handle the Spam. 

many thanks


This is probably an issue with your email provider, not eM Client.  eM Client does not have any spam filtering, per se so your provider is no doubt sending it to junk before it gets to eM Client, which is why whitelisting in eM Client doesn’t work.  You should be able to whitelist or create a rule in your web client. 

Thanks Jay, but then why does EM client even have the “Remove Blacklisted” options in the Spam folder if they don’t do anything?

Blacklisting is just instructing the client to send a particular address or domain to spam.  This can be done in eM Client.  Conversely, spam filters send emails to spam by examining their content and determining if it meets spam criteria.  eM Client does not do this, but most email providers do.

No I meant the “Mark” menu in the Spam folder when you select a message. It has the options for “Move To Inbox and remove blacklisted email”. If EM client is not whitelisting or sending anything to the email provider, why even have that feature? All it does is move email looks like, no whitelisting.