Whitelist Linked to Contacts

I would like to suggest that by ticking a box users can automatically have their contacts treated as a whitelist for junk mail.
This would mean eM Client checking senders of email against contacts and treating it as white-listed if the contact exists. This would mean that any new contact added is automatically white-listed.

Hello Jeff,
thank you for sharing your idea on the forums.


I want to push this idea an support it. This is a heavily required function to seperatate the wheat from the chaff.

I take it for sure, that a stored contact never should be treated as spam… .

Thank you for the support! It’s an area which is proving very hard to get eM Client to understand although it’s pretty well normal in other email clients.

I agree. Can’t be that difficult to implement as we already have the option to display unsafe content based on our contact list.

Interesting that when I sign up for a new forum the first email always says “add us to your address book so we don’t end up in your junk folder”. Please when is eM Client going to add this essential facility?

I have currently the challenge, that whitlisted addressees (!) are moved to junk.