Whitelist - How to add to it

As I have recently, just this last week or so, been finding emails from contacts I’ve received emails from throughout my time using eM Client suddenly being sent to my ‘junk’ folder and can see no reason for this, I thought I would ‘Whitelist’ my contact list.

So I went into Settings>Mail>Privacy, but all you see there is ‘Clear sender whitelist’ or ‘Show whitelist’, but there’s no hint of a clue whatsoever how you add anybody to a whitelist!

You would think that the whitelist might be populated by removing the sender from Junk and removing from blacklist, but that doesn’t work as the next time the sender sends an email it goes, once again, into junk despite having clicked ‘remove from blacklist’ even though it was never in the blacklist!

As a safety net I’ve created a rule and added all contacts to it, and told it to send all emails to inbox.  This is ridiculous as obviously anybody new I add to my contacts will need to be added - by hand - to the rule, when generally email addresses in a person’s contact list are considered safe.  At the moment anything I add to my Contact List is considered spam and addresses long since added to it are randomly also being considered as spam.

Any idea how I can add my contacts to the Whitelist which seems to exist but for which there is no ‘Add to Whitelist’ button anywhere?

I’ve loved eM Client so much until this started happening, I am pulling my hair out wondering where my emails are before I remember to check junk for emails which, until recently, found their way quite happily into my Inbox.

Thanks in advance. Alison

That whitelist is used for displaying unsafe content in messages. If the sender or domain is in the list, eM Client will automatically download any linked content when displaying the message. It is not connected with moving messages to the Junk folder…

Probably what you want to check is if the message is being moved to Junk by your server or by eM Client. You can discount eM Client by going to Menu > Tools > Rules, and unselecting the Spam and any Blacklist Rules. While you are there disable this new Rule you just created with all the addresses. Then see what happens.

If messages are still being moved to Junk, then it is your server doing it, and you will need to change the settings using the web interface for that account.

Hi, thanks for your speedy reply.  I’ll have to get in touch with Talk Talk as I already did as you suggested and they still go into the Junk file.

I can’t alter settings in the webmail myself, as there are no settings for spam and no filter set up as I don’t use the webmail - today was first logging into it for about 2 years.

Some providers can be a real pain with setting spam filtering. I have a test account on Outlook.com, and most messages go to Junk unless I add the address to a trusted list in the web interface.

At least I know it’s not eM Client and so the rules I have set can apply and work.

Also, I’m just learning a bit more about Search Folders and creating one, which could be another way of seeing all emails from my contacts in one place easily.