White List help

How do I add someone to my whitelist ?

Hi Marianne, you can add domains/email addresses to whitelist in Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy.
However note whitelisting is for showing ‘unsafe’ content setup only, e.g. emails from whitelisted emails will show images instead of showing the “Download Pictures” option.

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I go to Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy and I can not add any addresses to the white list, only see addresses already on it, but don’t know how those few addresses got on list?!  eM Client 6.0.23181.0

Go to parameters
Select Mail
Select Privacy
Sure you can open the White List.
To add a contact you configure Rules and Reception in the contact (address and receive what folder)
PS: It will be added to the list.

Where is “Parameters”?


Was that answer supposed to help me resolve this problem with white lists?

White list is populated whenever a message from an unknown sender is received and contains external linked data (in most cases images referenced in the HTML code of the message). If you receive a message that doesn’t show the images you have the option to “Display images” or “Always display images for this sender” the latter will automatically add the sender to whitelist.

Otherwise whitelist preferences are setup in the “Privacy” setting in your application settings - whitelist is only used when the first option (recommended) is enabled.