While typing an email, the message all of a sudden goes to a right alignment and you can't undo it.

I’ll be typing an email when for no apparent reason, the alignment changes to a right alignment and I can’t continue to type because the text is on the right but the cursor is on the left edge.  It cannot be undone and I have to delete the message and start all over.  This is making eM client unusable.

I have the same exact problem.   It occurs when I press Ctrl Shift. Which seems like I do accidently quite a bit.  

And there is no way to ‘undo’ it.  I can not get the line to go back to left align for the life of me.  

Hi guys. I had same problem. Whenever you hit right Ctrl+Shift line goes to right side. But when you press left Ctrl+shift it goes back to left align.
I know that sometimes Ctrl+Shift is used to change keyboard layout, thus I propose to use left Ctrl+Shift combination to change keyboard layout (or Win+Space for win 10).
However this is not a correct behavior, I hope it will be fixed soon.

It’s not emC directly, but rather Windows issue, I think.

The aligment can be reverted.
Just press LEFT Shift+Ctrl.

Eugene, I have not been able to reproduce this so it may have to do with some settings in your Windows installation as raven66 suggests.

I found the problem - have not found the solution yet.

Ctrl Shift is the Windows short cut to shift keyboard layouts.  (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12445/windows-keyboard-shortcuts)    If that 2nd keyboard was for a Right to Left language, clicking Ctrl - Shift would change the alignment. 

But I don’t have a Right to Left layout.  But I probably did at one time.  I do a lot of international development work - and probably did have right to left setting at one point when I was testing something.

And I have also disabled the Ctrl Shift setting in the language options.  So it should be doing nothing.

For some reason, EM Client is thinking I still have a Right to Left language/keyboard when I press this, even thought I don’t.  

My guess is EM Client is referencing some sort of setting that it shouldn’t be.  

This is way beyond my pay grade… but maybe this will make sense to someone.

And just to note - Left Shift Ctrl does NOT fix it.  There is no fix other than to delete the enter line of text and start over.

And further note - it’s not right aligning the text.  It’s shifting it to Right to Left orientation.