which is the latest version?

A member of my family has been prompted to update to version 7.1.31658. This version is not visible on the Release history web page. Please inform your users about what is going on!

It is a valid version, it just has not been made available for public download.

Still, this version is obviously distributed to some (random?) users, maybe for testing purposes? I suggest that your Release history web page reflects this fact, with or without download links.

Lars you are right. Sometimes the developers instruct users who may have been experiencing some problem to download a development version that is still being tested.

The Release History is a list of released versions, not ongoing development versions. It would be confusing if every build of the development is listed.

Agree. But, the new version I was refering to was distributed to my wife, who did not have any complaint outstanding. She simply got the “a new version is available” message.

Hello Lars,

There is no need to worry about the update. This is just the minor service update and it was already properly tested. Usually, after the update is tested, we let the Licencemanager update a group of our users to see if everything runs smoothly.

I hope this update works well on your wife’s computer.