Which em client versions support TLS 1.2 using windows xp?

TLS 1.2

@T. Tanger


I cant give you a specific answer as to which version of eM Client supports TLS 1.2
and Windows XP.

Reason - I don’t know when eMClient stopped supporting XP

One thing I do know is that XP doesn’t support TLS 1.2 ,
at least according to this info :

However, it’s not so much what XP or eMC supports, it’s also what the mail servers support.
If they refuse to connect to an app with outdated security protocols, you won’t get your mail.

I certainly won’t put you down for using XP - it’s totally your choice, but you can expect
hiccups with connections or rendering of webpages.
Of course there are the underlying security threats, so working in a “sandbox:”
almost becomes a pre-requisite…

As long as you are aware of the limitations.

Here is something from Nov '15

But maybe better news here:
"Folks. The relevant Update for enabling TLS 1.2 in XP has been re-released as of 18 Feb 2018. (KB4019276). Downloaded from the MS UpdateCatalog. This is a correction for the (obviously buggy) initial release in October 2017. Which now WORKS correctly !

Plus check this and the Table

ok thx