Which account will be erased of the demo by activate a free license?

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I just got requested by emClient to activate a free or payed version of emClient because time limit of the demo version is reached.

Due to some not not very comfortable experiences within the demo period I’m not shure, if I am really happy with emClient on the long shot. So I would like to observe the development for a extended period and agree with the free version.

BUT: the free license just allows 2 accounts. I tested emClient with 3 accounts. Which account would be erased if I choose the free license model?

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It is not clear beforehand which account will be disabled, nor can you select one. All you can do is activate the Free License and see the result.

If it is a POP3 account, the data in the local folders will not be erased. You will still be able to access it, it will just no longer send/receive messages. IMAP or Exchange accounts store their messages on the server, so you won’t lose anything either. It will simply no longer sync with the sever for that account.

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