Where to set up new rules, and how to change the location if I want

Hi -

  1. If I want to set up rules in emclient, is it safe to do this in the “local folders” area, or is there some danger that inbound emails filtered by rule to this area could somehow be deleted or purged?

  2. If I do set up rules for filtering inbound emails to one specific area, this would be across multiple email accounts, and my goal would be that emails coming from the same source go to one individual folder by rule. This is why I do not want to set up the folders under individual email accounts. Even if I did locate the new filtered inboxes under one of the multiple email accounts, and even if all the emails did go nicely to those one individual places, it seems to me having the filters away from any one individual account, and more under a generic/neutral area like local folders, will be more appropriate. Would my plan to set up under local folders accomplish what I want?

  3. How well does emclient deal with my changing the name or location of a folder linked to a rule, once I’ve set up that folder and rule? I ask because I anticipate setting up hundreds of inbound folders and my process for doing this is that it will require a certain amount of organizing and re-organizing at first, and then eventually the occasional location change or rename.

Hi, I’m hoping to get a response on this as soon as possible, so I can begin the long task of setting up rules.

In addition to the other questions, others that came up today in trying to get emclient together are:

  1. The “all inboxes” that appears under favorites. I’m liking this. Is this to be found anywhere else, or it just shows up under favorites and that’s the way it is? My plan is to go through and set up rules only from that location, basically.

  2. Does anyone have a recommendation whether I should copy or move inbound email to the new filtered area appropriate for that email?

  1. It really depends on the Rule. If you create a Rule to move messages to Local Folders, the message will be removed from the server and exist only in eM Client.

  2. Local Rules apply to all accounts unless you specify it should apply to only specific ones.

  3. If you change the folder name, you will break the Rule. You would need to edit it, and select the new folder.

  4. Rules apply to the Inboxes of the accounts, so they apply to the same messages you see in in All Inboxes, but in the original folders.

Ok, thanks much, I’ll try to incorporate these points this week.