Where to enter the outgoing server data which are different from the incoming ones

I cannot send emails via the T-Online.de account
This account uses the server securesmtp.t-online.de [port : 587 security : STARTTLS] . I do not know where to enter this outgoing Server data.

The incoming Server data are the following : secureimap.t-online.de port:993 security : SSL/TLS - everything works in an excellent manner !

Unter Extras > Konten das passende Konto auswählen, rechts im Tab “SMTP” die Daten des Ausgangsservers eintragen.

Exactly where user above me has written to you. In English version it is Tools - Accounts - your account - SMTP tab.


Thanks for the answers - unfortunately I cannot see / select the tab “SMTP”.

I only can select the tabs “Allgemein” “IMAP” “Diagnose”

Should I reinstall the Client or do I have to install a specific version ?
The actual Version is 6.0.19714.0

no, you will have to re-add your account, automatic setup sometimes does not receive all information from server so now you can’t send emails because you have not set SMTP protocol which does that.


In the meantime I did a complete reinstallation of the client and then I could enter the names of the incoming and outgoing Server manually. And - surprise - now I have a new tab “SMTP”.

Thanks for the Support.


you are much welcome :slight_smile:


I wish I could work it out but it isnt working for me