Where to define poll/retrieval frequency for each (!) POP3 accounts individually?

As far as I can see there is only one global option to define the frequency for email poll for POP3 accounts (in Settings/General).

Is there possibly somewhere hidden another per-account option?

If not: Can this be added in the next reelase?

Thank you


Hello Peter,
you can either set the global Synchronization time or leave out the specific account out of that global sync.
If the account is left out (Option to ‘Include when sending/receiving emails’ in Accounts) it will be synchronized only when you manually Refresh.

I will add your idea to our feature request list so it can be considered for future updates.

I tried this, but the second account is still polled and shows popups, even with the checkmark for include in sending/receiving mails is not set.

What version of eM Client are you using Tuexss?

I tried this on 7.2.36465, and I cannot reproduce it.

I setup two POP3 email accounts in eM Client, and set them not to be included when sending/receiving.

I setup a test server to send messages to both of these accounts every 30 seconds (just so the inboxes were regularly populated), and eM Client I set to sync every minute (just so it did not take too ling to test).

Neither of the accounts receive messages on the system sync, nor do they receive their messages when I click Refresh.

 If I manually use Send and Receive for the one account, it does not download messages for the other account.

Ah, I’m on an IMAP account, not POP3

So IMAP ALWAYS syncs in real-time. You cannot change that other than going off-line.

But it would be nice if you could kinda “disable” an IMAP account temporarily. We have a team account that gets automated email notifications, and the notification popups on MacOS are spamming me, drowning all the emails from the individual account. That’s the scenario. Maybe selective notifications per account would be helpful. But yeah, I deleted the other account now, only solution I could find.

You can disable notifications per account using a Rule.

So the messages will still arrive, you just won’t get a notification.