Where is the Mail?

I have a stupid question: In my side column, I only see Calendar, Tasks and Contacts. Where is the Mail? It was there a few minutes ago, and now it just disappeared.

Forget my question. I found it: Right click the panel.

But I have another question: Is there a way that I can select all messages in a folder? I use Gmail, and have a couple of Gmail addresses. I want to move mails (thousands of them, so I do not want to do individuall) from one folder in a Gmail address into another folder in another Gmail address.

Hello Terry, you can select all your email within the folder using standard system shortcuts. Use CTRL+A to select all in the current folder.

Glad you’ve found a solution for the previous issue, let me know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you.

Thank you Paul,
Is there a way to sync mails of 2 gmail addresses?

Hello again, yes it is possible to synchronize the application with multiple accounts. Just add more accounts in Tools > Accounts by using the New Account setup.

Hope this helps.

That is not what I want. I have created 2 gmail accounts in em Client. I want to sync the 2 accounts so that they all have same mails. Is it possible?

Hello Terry, it is possible, however you would have to setup the second account as a linked account to the first one, to do so you have to use the web interface of gmail and add the account in your gmail settings.

After you do so, all mail should automatically be received in eM Client just by setting up the first address and in order to send out messages on behalf of the second account, you can setup the second as an alias in your account settings in eM Client.

Thank you Paul for your comment. But I need more instructions, such as:

  1. Do I link the accounts in IMAP or POP?
  2. In eM Client, I have added another account, but I do not know how to set it so that it can send out messages on behalf of the second one.
  3. I also do not know how to move all of the old mail messages from one gmail account to another gmail account. I don’t think you have answered this question yet.
    The reason I want to move all of my mails into the other account, because my old account has nearly reached 15Gb, while the new one allows me 30Gb, and as I have just started, I have only used 2 Gb.
    Appreciated your help.

Hello Terry,
in your online account preferences, not in eM Client, doesn’t really matter you will be receiving the email to your server, which is then fetched by one of the protocols to eM Client.

If you want to receive and send messages using a single account, you don’t have to setup another account in eM Client, just the alias in your account settings as I previously suggested.
(for this however, you need the accounts be linked online or have forwarding setup to the account you want to setup).

If you want to move your data from one account to another you have to setup both accounts in eM Client and simply move the folders or items using drag and drop, or you can export the items using the built-in export feature and re-import into your other account.

Check out our FAQ for more information on how to setup your eM Client with your accounts, http://www.emclient.com/faq

Hope this helps.

Wow, excellent, Paul.
You are a life saver. It took me 2 days struggling with Thunderbird and Gmail to try to move mails from one account to another. I even left my PC to run all night, but only 1/3 of my mails have been synced. Your comment helped me doing it in 1/2 hour. I will definitely be buying this software.
I have one more question: How can I setup in my eM Client account to set my alias as the default for sender? In Gmail, it has this option, but I could not find it in eM Client.
And another question: Are you in charge of answering questions to pro-licensees as well? (because I think you are the best)

Hi Paul,
I have a problem. After I moved my mails from one gmail account to another account, the account that I moved to keeps showing the refreshing button forever (the button that has a circle that keeps rotating around). It stops receiving any new mails. What should I do?
For one moment, I thought it should have worked beautifully.

Hello again Terry, I’m not completely sure what kind of a refresh button you’re referring to, are you still experiencing this? When moving a large amount of email from one acccount to another, note this kind of action may take a while as the data has to be downloaded from one of your account and uploaded to the other.

Make sure that the synchronization process has finished and that the upload process has been completed.

Thank you.

Hi Paul,
It’s the circular symbol that appears next to the email’s address in the left column. It seems like the account has been frozen, as it does not show any incoming mails.
What can I do? Leave it to run overnight?

If the circle is spinning this means the account is synchronizing as I suggested. If you’re moving a large number of item you need to let the folder sync finish.

But if the application is unresponsive and doesn’t respond to user action, let me know.

Thank you.

The circle is spinning, but that is all. I do not see any other actions. It does not show any new mails in the inbox.

  1. Do you think I should leave it overnight?
  2. Will it still synchronize even when I minimize it in the tray?
  3. By the way, can you answer me this question: How can I setup in my eM Client account to set my alias as the default for sender? In Gmail, it has this option, but I could not find it in eM Client.
    Thank you.

Hello again, as I’ve previously mentioned unless the application is unresponsive make sure to let it finish the sync with your server. Yes, all processes should be running if the application is minimized in tray.

Unfortunately it is not possible to setup your alias as the default sending account, in order to send as default from that account, your alias account would have to be setup in eM Client as a separate account.