Where is the "encrypt" feature which informs program to encrypt the message ?

How to encrypt an email step by step.

Hi Kim,

See my reply here for a theoretical description how to encrypt e-mail:


But that description doesn’t show the steps needed in eM Client 7, as I’m still using version 6, so I don’t know which steps you should take in eM Client 7.

But on the main page of the eM Client website is a video showing how to do it:


I don’t see the encrypt button shown in the video. eM Mail 7.

In the video is written that the ‘encrypt’ button will be visible if you have set up you own private-public key pair. Did you already do that? If yes, maybe you will have to restart eM Client?

Restart was the answer. Thanks again

Right.  I have imported my private/public key-pair that was created with Kleopatra, it works for decrypting messages to me, but no matter what I do I don’t get the encrypt lock to show up on the bar on a new email I’m trying to send to someone (I imported their public key). v 7.1.31849.0

It is something that needs to be fixed.

I have found that having the recipient’s public key alone does not enable the icon. In fact the icon can be there even if you don’t have their public key. Of course you won’t be able to actually send the message without their key, but I think the developers did not realize that.

What does determine if the icon is there is if you have installed your own private key. Which does not make sense, because as you know your own key has nothing to do with sending encrypted messages. Maybe the developers had a lapse in intelligence the day they wrote that code to display the icon. It should really only show up when you enter a recipient address for which you have a public key.

But your own imported key from Kleopatra might no be enough to be considered for displaying the icon. If you create another key pair using eM Client’s own function Create PGP certificate, that should show the icon, even though that key will never be used to send an encrypted message.

If you have a Pro License please open a support ticket for this, as it is an incorrect understanding of encryption.

I had that issue 3 months ago and notified eMclient about the issue which revolved around the icon mentioned but never resolved it completely.