Where is the documentation for version 8?

I’ve recently updated to version 8, but the Help link still directs to the documentation for version 7. So there is no documentation available for the new features. Where is the documentation for version 8?

I hadn’t so I looked at the help link…

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What’s New

The list of implemented features is constantly growing. Here are just a few new features that have been added in version 6:

Help file is for v6… WOW

So to answer your question… Where is the documentation? ANswer: "NOWHERE

So, to summarize: version 8 (paid, no longer in beta), help for version 7 (help contents directs to http://www.emclient.com/webdocumentation/en/7.0/eMClient/Default.htm), but the list of the new features is for version 6.
Really a shitty way to treat paying customers!

I reached help via the MENU > Help > contents

Was not aware of the link you point to… totally disjointed.