Where is option to leave email on server?

Whenever I download my email, they are removed from the server. I want them left there! How do I change that? IMAP settings for eM Client are default for ATT.


Are you sure your account is setup with IMAP? What you are describing sounds like POP3.

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the ATT account. You should have either an IMAP or POP3 tab.

I have IMAP!!
But there are NO options to mark to leave mail on server on eM Client. Once downloaded, they are routinely removed from the ATT server. Same with ATT server site.
Frustrating since I can’t download the same email from another computer.

IMAP does not download messages from the server. Rather IMAP and Exchange store the messages on the server and just display a cached copy in eM Client. That is so that the same messages can be shared among different devices.

With IMAP the message will be removed from the server only if you move it to a local folder, or you delete it in eM Client.

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You just answered my question!!!

"With IMAP the message will be removed from the server only if you move it to a local folder, or you delete it in eM Client."

Thanks much, now I know!!!

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Not true, deleting emails from the client on the desktop does not delete them from the server. This frustrating because a body has to delete messages twice.

That is true only for POP3, and dependent on your having specified not to delete the message from the server.

For IMAP, if you delete the message in eM Client, you delete it from the server. That is because IMAP is simply a view of what is on the server, so changing something in the email client means it is simultaneously changed on the server.

Thanks for your input!
Certainly would be less confusing if em Client would include the option to “LEAVE ON THE SERVER FOR_____.”

It does, but that is for POP3 accounts only. See my screenshot above.

IMAP is something different.

Think of IMAP as a type of webmail. If you delete a message in your webmail, where do you expect it to be other than the trash? It does not stay in the Inbox for some time. So the same thing happens in eM Client when it is setup as IMAP. You delete a message in the Inbox in eM Client, and it goes to trash.

Now the Inbox you see in eM Client is actually the Inbox on the server. So removing a message from the Inbox in eM Client, removes it from the Inbox on the server. And when the message goes to the trash in eM Client, you will find it in the trash on the server.