where is my eM Client located on my pc to open after installing and setting up?

Okay, I downloaded and setup and it installed my various email accounts. I closed the app and did some work outdoors, came back to open the app and can’t locate it.

Okay I found it under Start>Programs - so I guess I open it from there??

Yes, you can do that. You can also create a shortcut and save to the desktop. Or you could open eM Client, then right click the icon on the task bar and pin it to the task bar.

Hello Thomas,
sorry for the delayed answer, eM Client is located among all your other installed programs under Start menu.
Though if you need, to should be able to make a shortcut at your Desktop or anywhere you need, just as with any other windows applications.
If you do not know how to make shortcuts, you can find many tips online, like this tutorial for win 10 or this one, etc.