Where is imap

I have just downloaded and signed up for eM Client. I find reference to SMTP and Pop 3 but no mention to IMAP which I would prefer to Pop.
How can I get IMAP please? 

HI Catherine, how did you setup your account in eM client? Did you use the automatic setup?
What mail service are you using in eM Client?

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I downloaded the free version but cannot remember exactly what I then did. It all went through very smoothly so I guess I took the automatic route. I was a little surprised that there seemed to be no questions regarding ports or anything complicated. I find I am able to send emails but I don’t seem to be receiving any. My email service is ‘o2.co.uk’ but my account has been transferred to Sky since last January. Hope this helps. Many thanks.

Hi again Catherine, it’s possible your server has POP3 setup as default incoming protocol, so the automatic setup had to setup this protocol. If you have an available IMAP service for your account, please contact your mail service provider for the recommended IMAP and SMTP settings and try to setup the account manually.

To setup the account manually please go to Tools > Accounts > New Account, and instead of using the automatic setup, please switch to the “Mail” tab and select ‘Other’, then proceed with the steps and use the recommended server settings provided by your mail service provider.

Hope this helps,

Thank you very much Paul. I will do as you suggest.

No problem, glad I could help, please let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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