Where is delayed send queue?

Hello, I scheduled an email to be sent at a future date, but cannot find it anywhere. Where is the delayed send queue or in other words, how can I see scheduled messages that haven’t been sent yet? There is no “outbox” folder in the left column… thanks!

I have the same question please - I do have an outbox, but there is nothing in it, so my delayed send email appears to have disappeared.  I know it works though as I’ve tested it, but it would be good if I could see what I had scheduled to be sent (so I don’t do it again!).  Thanks :slight_smile:

+1… no, +100 for this! We really need to have access to the scheduled message queue to check it and eventually delete a message. How it is now once you set a message for delyed sending you have nomore control on it !

OK I got the answer from tech support: Go to Menu>Tools>Settings and make sure “show local folders” is checked/selected. Save these settings and you will see all the emails scheduled for delayed send in the Outbox of “Local Folders.” Scroll down in the left-hand column if necessary to see the Local Folders. Hope this helps!

yes, the scheduled messages are located in the Local Outbox which can be viewed in Local Folders or Smart folders.