Where is "Advanced Search" now?

Where is “Advanced Search” command now?
Was it removed from the latest version (9.1.2109 (9967b93))?
Or was it placed into a much more obvious place of the eM Client interface?

Tnank you

Hello, Gray.
Thanks for reply.

Clicking that icon shows me the same fields, like in “regular search”:

I mean ability to create a complex query with AND, OR, NOT conditions like on this video from manual:

I this achievable in latest eM Cliet versions?

  1. Regular search

  2. Advanced search


What you are asking about is manually entering the search query. It is not necessary to do that because selecting the options from the advanced search creates the search query for you. We no longer display that in 9.1.

Clear, thank you.

Is there any way to create OR condition?
“Subjuect contains X OR Body conains Y”
“Subjuect contains X OR Subjuect conains Y”

So, no solution for conditional search, or I am missing something, am I?
How to search for messages that are sent to [email protected] AND [email protected]? Is there a way?

If you mean a search folder, so a folder that continually shows the results of a search, you can setup an advanced search, and click the Create Search folder button. Or do it manually. Full instructions on setup and use of Search Folders are in the Documentation (F1)

Enter this in the search box:

To: [email protected] To: [email protected]