Where have they gone

Hi there…my deleted emails are disappearing…when deleted they should go to my Deleted Mail folder but they are not…I cant find a setting to control this.
Any help appreciated.

It seems I am alone in this matter…for some reason my eM client appears to be selective when retaining any emails I delete…some are saved in the Deleted or Trash folder but some just go to God!..any suggestions appreciated.


It depends on where the message is and how you delete it.

In most folders, the Delete key will move the message to Trash. Shift + Delete on the other hand, deletes the message permanently without it going to Trash. Deleting messages in the Junk folder does not send them to Trash; they are deleted permanently. Deleting messages in the Trash is the same; they are permanently deleted.

Thank you Gary…can you explain the difference between the ‘Deleted Items’ folder and the ‘Trash’ folder please?

The Bin from the server is synced and displayed in eM Client as Trash.

If you have a folder called Deleted Items, that is not the official Bin, but may be just another folder with a similar name. It could have been created by another app connecting to the same account.