Where have My sub folders and contact list disappeared to?

My old eMClient was updated recently and the shortcut disappeared from my desktop. After hunting around my hard drive I found an eMClient but when I opened it, it was the brand spanking new version. My current emails were there but not my subfolders where I file the important ones. I am not a happy bunny!

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same issue when i upgraded to V8

Has anyone contacted you with an answer?


and all my contacts are gone, also

I was able to repopulate my contacts fairly painlessly by using my sent folder and going back a few years.

Now if I can recover the subfolders…

I blundered into the fix: In eM Client go to Menu>File>Restore, ignore dire warning, pick a restore point from before the upgrade, the subfolders magically reappear… It also restored the original contact lists.

frabjous day, calloo callay!