Where have my local folders gone and how do I get them back ?

I’ve upgraded to version 7 and all of my self-created local folders that I stored emails in are gone. How do I get them back, please?

Ok, add to this that all of my calendar items are also gone. When I upgrade software, it’s supposed to seamlessly import everything from the prior version. WTF?  Where’s my stuff ?

OMG. ITs DOWLOADING 35000 emails, all the stuff I ever deleted. HOW DO I STOP THIS ???

This is awful. Can I roll back this installation. This is like a monstrosity.

Same problem here. Where are my old calendar entries?

I’ve used Windows rollback to roll my system back pre-upgrade and it restored the old version and all my data.

Wow, this upgrade is HORRIBLE. Won’t do that again. Used system rollback to restore the old version. HORRIBLE.