Where does the messages goes with de archive button?

Id like to know, when I use the archive button with a message, in wich folder is the message storage?. It should appear on the Local folders? The local folders appears empty and I can find de messages that I have archive with the button Archive.
For references I have change the location of the database, dont know if affect in something. I use the spanish versión.
I thanks for any help.

 I have this same problem with my primary (Gmail) account. I have Local Folders enabled in Settings, yet if I archive an email it disappears from view and there is no Local Folder or Archive folder in the account structure in the left hand pane. I can search for the email and find it in the search results in eMC, but I can’t see the folder where it resides. It’s also visible by searching in Gmail natively, where it has it has no Gmail label atttributed to it.

Can you provide a (better) explanation of what exactly happens, and about Local Folders and Archive? Your Help simply explains what each option does in fairly unhelpful terms: most of your help is effectively of the form “Selecting option X turns X on”, with no real explanation or setting of context.

Hello, Archive button is used for the online archiving only, and only works for mail servers that have this feature enabled, for example, Gmail.

The button moves your email to the Online archive folder, which on gmail is the “All Mail” folder, on some servers it may be called differently, it depends on the mail service vendor.

To archive your emails locally into the archive folder, you’d have to enable the “automatic archiving” option, which moves your email from the server to the local archive folder for saving space in the mailbox.

Paul, thanks. That makes it a lot clearer (and is the sort of thing that ought to be in your online Help - your explanation highlights perfectly the shortcomings in the current help text).

Glad I could help, I’m sorry if you haven’t find your answer in the Contents of the application, we’re working on improvements for future releases.

Make sure to check out our FAQ at http://www.emclient.com/faq if you’re having issues with finding your answers or our knowledgebase at http://support.emclient.com/ which should be regularly updated from now on.

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