Where does the license key show up on an installed product??

I’m moving to a new computer, and when I look for the license key on my old computer, it just says I’m a Pro member for life, but doesn’t tell me what the license key is. And since I can’t activate it on my new computer without that… It’s a problem. Where can I find the license key??

Go to the emclient website (www.emclient.com), hover over “support” and choose “lost activation key”. It will then prompt you for the email address associated with your account and will then send your your key. You also need to deactivate your old computer by going to menu/help/license and click “deactivate”.

just as Jay mentions, go to http://www.emclient.com/lost-activation-key and use the mail account you registered the account with and you will be sent your license information.
Make sure to deactivate the license on your old computer, so there are no issue when your license is being activated on a new device.