Where does eM Client obtain the mail server information from?

How does eM Client determine the IMAP and SMTP servers when a new email account is added?

We have a domain which is registered with GoDaddy but is using a hosted Zimbra solution for email. We are looking to purchase eM Client for the company’s users but one question we’re concerned about is how to make eM Client auto-populate with the correct servers?

Right now anytime a user’s email account is added the client believes the email is hosted at GoDaddy and adds imap.secureserver.net as the IMAP and smtpout.secureserver.net as the SMTP server, which then results in an error since the user’s email is not hosted at GoDaddy.


simply by domain name and/or by how you have set up smtp/imap at your domain, anyway if you are having troubles try using manual setup (tools - accounts - new account - mail - other) and tell me if it is causing same issues please.

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