Where does eM Client download avatar from?

I found in a case all emails from multiple senders in the same domain show a common avatar. So apparently they are not gravatars. What is domain icon? Can somebody explain it for me? Thanks!

Yes, if there is no Gravatar or Google profile avatar, it can be taken from the domain’s favicon.

Don’t know if there are any other sources, but those are all I have seen so far.

My company’s website, ie. www.company.com, company.com, mail.company.com, do not have a favicon configured. A 404 error returns while accessing favicon.ico url. But in eM Client, there is still a weird icon showing up for every users from my company.

Please help.

Hi, we have a companies website, fkieffer.com, based on wordpress, and have several dozen email-accounts. I see our logo as an avatar with each of my colleagues, which was specially integrated on our website as favicon.
Only my boss of all people sees the Wordpress-W as avatar instead of our logo.

Do you have an idea what could be the reason for that?

Thanks a lot!

It could be that eM Client had already retrieved the Wordpress avatar for those addresses before the favicon was set to your company logo. 

Whatever the cause, you can delete the avatar cache, and it will start to retrieve new avatars as messages arrive. To do that delete the avatar cache folder at  C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\eM Client 

If that does not help, as a Pro License user, you can open a support ticket directly with eM Client.