Where do I set the send encoding?

Compared to Becky which I’m getting tired off after something like 10 years…

I cannot find the settings for “encode this message as ________”
e.g. ISO-2022-JP for stick in the muds, SHIFT-JIS for spammers (Legit mail in SHIFT-JIS is unheard of) or UTF-8 because unicode.

I sort of need this function, if it’s only in the pro version, I don’t mind buying that.

The only control you have when sending messages is to go to menu/tools/settings/mail/compose and in the “Mail Format” section there is an option for HTML and plain text.

Not actually useful. I set it to plain text because I loathe HTML.

It’s the  ENCODING  I want to set.

Because Japan and some pedantic twits throw a wobbly if they don’t get ISO-2022-JP.
Another account, I’d want to send everything in UTF-8.