Where do i put the activation key

where do i put the activation key?

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If it’s eM Client for Windows, “Menu / Help / License” and Activate.

If it’s eM Client for Mac, “Help / License”.

(EM Client activate support page)


I have my eM Client license - how can I activate it?

Posted by Olivia Rust on 01 March 2018 15:51
In the eM Client application, go to Menu > Help > License on Windows or Help > License on macOS.

Click the ‘Activate’ button and insert your activation key (including the hyphens).

If there is no Activate button and this section already seems to include some License information it means there already is a license activated on this computer.
If it’s the correct license, you don’t need to do anything.

If you wish to activate a different license, simply click ‘Deactivate’ first to remove the current license. The same button will then be replaced by the ‘Activate’ option so you can proceed using the steps above.

There is no Activate or Deactivate button under Menu/Help on my Windows 10 PC. There’s one that says Change Subscription - but that just takes me to my Microsoft account, tries to flog me Office 365, and has no mention of eM Client at all!
I’m in contact with their sales department -p but no luck so far.
Do you have any clues?

This is because you have installed eM Client from the MS Store. It doesn’t use our licenses, but instead uses a monthly subscription you pay to Microsoft.

If you want to use our licenses, please make a backup using Menu > Backup. When that is done, uninstall the MS Store version, then install eM Client from our website.

Once installed and opened, cancel any setup windows and go to Menu > File > Restore.

Finally, you can then go to Menu > Help > License and activate your license.

Thanks so much Gary - that explains it!
When I click on Backup nothing seems to happen. Can I risk uninstalling/reinstalling - will the new version automagically find the bac kup (which is where?)?
Thanks again for your help…

Well, it depends on how big the database is. If it is fairly small, the backup will be very quick, but you can check if the backup was created. By default it should be in an eM Client folder in your Documents. There will be a zip file created today.

Once you have installed the version from our website, and go to Menu > File > Restore, it will find the file automatically if it is in that folder.

You have saved my evening - can’t thank you enough!
All up and running, program licensed…phew!