where did imported windows live mail files go?

Go easy on me, i have snails in the garden who have more computer skills than I have!

I’m trying to change over from Windows Live Mail to eM. Finally managed to get the thing to import, but i have no idea where it went.

Which will probably lead into the question…

I’m asuming it imports all my old emails and folders etc from the WLM inbox, as well as contacts. How do i get the old contacts to go into eM contacts, and the old emails and folders to go into the cM inbox area. Or doesn’t it work like that?

It does it automatically would be a great answer!


If you use Import whole account(s) option it will set eM Client up with accounts (with contacts) you had set in Windows Live Mail and after that they download emails from servers.

If you use Import selected folders you can choose then folder for imported items under Destination folder option. Defaults are Local Folders and Windows Mail Import in Local Folders so your emails were probably imported into Local folders. After import be sure that you have Local folders displaying enabled (it can be set in menu Tools->Settings->General->Show Local folders).

Thanks, got it to work eventually.