Where can I find instructions on basic calendar set-up?

Can someone please help me locate some tutorials or instructions on basic set-up for the calendar and contact areas of the program?  I’m really struggling with getting them going. I can’t figure out how to get the folders set-up and seem to be caught in useless circle of error messages about folders not being found / available. UUUUUUUUh!  I’m really getting frustrated.  Thanks!

HI, unfortunately there’s no tutorials or instructions on how to setup the application, what are you having issues with. After inserting your email address and your password into the automatic setup upon your first initialization of eM Client, your IMAP account should be setup and all folders should be visible in the left sidebar automatically.

Can you maybe make a screenshot of the error messages you’re seeing?

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Hi Paul-

Here is the issue I’m having with the calendar.  One of my clients will send me a meeting request from outlook or Google Calendar.  I’ll quick “accept the meeting”  then 

I get an error box that says:

Then I click OK and get this box:

I click “Calendar” and click “OK” and get this error:

I get stuck in this loop.  

Please let me know HOW to correctly set a default calendar folder for my account.  Nightmare!



Hi, I believe this is caused by your account settings, there’s no calendar assigned to the email account you’re using… Can you make a screenshot of your accounts settings from Tools > Accounts.

Are you using IMAP? What Mail service are you using?

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Yes using IMAP.

When I go to calendar page and try to select a calendar.  I get the same error messages.



Is there a calendar set up for that email account on the server? If that email account does not have an calendar associated with it, you can’t set it up in eM Client as there is nothing to sync that calendar with. That’s where the Local Folders would come into play, although as inferred by the name, they are local only to that PC.

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There is no calendar set-up for the email account on the server.  How do I set it up in eM Client?  Yes I would like a local calendar set-up.  Or can I sync with a Google Calendar?  Can you help with instructions?



Google Calendar is easy to set up. Just go through the wizard to set up a GMail account (the automatic wizard should take care of it for you once you put in your GMail email address.

After it is set up, go to the Account Setup and check the Enable Account checkbox on the the Calendar and Contacts tab. If you don’t want to sync your GMail account down into eM Client, just be sure to go to the IMAP and SMTP pages and uncheck the Enable Account checkboxes. Even if you are not using the GMail account for syncing email, be sure to check the box that says Include when sending/receiving emails on the General tab. This way your Calendar and Contacts will sync whenever the app normally checks for new emails.


Just to clarify if you only want to use your calendar service from your google account, you can just enter the email address into the automatic setup and the account will be setup as Merg suggested.

If you go to Tools > Accounts you can chose which services you want to use. If you uncheck enable account, the whole account will be inactive but you can go to IMAP/SMTP tab and uncheck “Enable service” then you won’t be able to receive or send out email from this account but the calendar service will work.

If you want to setup a local calendar go to Tools > Settings and check “Show local folders” in General, then go to Calendar and right click the local folders in order to create a new local calendar.

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Hi. How do I sync my google calendar with em client when I don’t have a gmail account. I sign in to my google account with my imap email. I don’t have gmail.

Hi, navigate to Tools > Accounts > New account, and instead of using the automatic setup, select the calendar tab below and select Google Calendar, use the credentials you’re using for the Google Calendar login online, and proceed with the steps.

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