Where can I find a variety of "looks" for my e-mails?

I’m transitioning to eM Client from Incredimail. Incredimail allowed me to have a large variety of “looks” for my e-mails. I’m in a visual business, and I’d like to have a more graphic looking e-mail. Suggestions of how to do that and where to find themes would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Hi Len
try menu-tools-parameters-general-appearance
were you able to transfer your emails from incredimail to eM client?
I could transfer my contacts but not my emails…

Thanks for your reply, John. Yes, I was able to bring over most of my e-mails and contacts. Not sure about those e-mails in the sub folders I had created in Incredimail. I guess I could bring those over to the main body of e-mails, and try to import again. I had about 2400 e-mails in the main body! Amazingly, they came over without any action on my part. The settings to log in too!

I’ll try your suggestion about stationary.

John, I got as far as parameters, but the “themes” seems to only apply to the desktop. I guess what I’m looking for is called “stationary.”

I was able to make the background of the e-mails gray, but it is a rather dark gray. Incredimail had so many more options.

What is called stationary in some email clients is referred to as templates in eM Client. You can create those in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures. Then you can specify a default template to use for new messages, or for replies, or just select a specific one when you begin composing a new message.