where can I download em client 7.1.33101.0

where can I download em client 7.1.33101.0 - it isn’t listed in the downloads history and I need to re-install and then restore from backup 

Hi Ray,

I have this in my archive in OneDrive.

Let me know if/when you’ve got it

Thank you DiggerP I’ve downloaded that now.  
I don’t understand why it’s not included in the downloads history on EMC - I imagine that I will need to install the same versión to be able to do a restore.

Hi Ray,

Glad you got it.
Yes, it’s my belief as well to restore a backup to the same version…
Less chance of conflict.
After that you can do your update.

My guess is that that version had a known problem that was fixed by a subsequent release.  It’s probably a good idea not to allow downloads of known problematic versions.

Hi Jay, I thought that perhaps that was the case but I wonder if restoring from a backup to a different version would be successful