Where Are The Smart Folders?

Where are the smart folders on the latest version of eM Client that will supposedly let me access the email for all my accounts in one place? I could not find a folder with that name. I did find a folder under “Local Folders” after clicking on “more” that had all the folders that the smart folders is suppose to have, Inbox, outbox, trash, etc, but no mail is being sent to those folders. Consequently, I have to go to each folder for each account to access mail for my multiple email addresses. Also, I can not find an option under “General” that will allow me to display the smart folders. What must I do to access the smart folders, please advise…

@lmoore Click “Menu / Settings” and you will see an option to enable them & other options.

I believe v7 used Smart Folders and v8 uses Favorites.
Settings > General > General > Show Favorite Folders

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Thank you for your help. eM Client v8 does not have a Smart Folders that can be enabled, it now uses a folder called Favorites which does the same thing.

Thank you for your help. I enabled the Favorite folder as you suggested and all is working as it should be.

Thank you for your help. Enabling the Favorite folder solved the problem.