Where are the older emails I left in my inboxes?

Just like Windows Mail, eM Client seems only to keep emails for a couple of weeks. Where have they gone? I still have a mostly functioning Windows Live Mail and it keeps them forever, until I delete them. 

One reason could be that WLM is setup as POP3 and so it is storing all the emails, but it is deleting the messages from the server after a couple of weeks. That is normal POP3 procedure. But then eM Client is setup as IMAP, so it is only seeing what is on the sever.

In the properties of WLM, it says my hotmail account is IMAP but my email from my local ISP (Rogers) is POP3. So I guess thata explains that.

  1. Will changing eMClient to POP3 make it work like WLM and keep all the emails?
  2. Will checking the box under “Offline” that says “Download messages for offline use” work to keep them in my inbox?


If you are using POP3 in WLM, and IMAP in eM Client for the Rogers account, then eM Client will only have the messages until WLM deletes them from the server. If you want to use POP3 on both clients, you need to configure them both to leave messages on the server. That will only apply to new messages. Messages already downloaded by WLM and deleted from the server will not be available in eM Client.

But the better option if you plan to use the account in both clients, is to have them both use IMAP. That way they will both have a synced copy of what is on the server, and thus a synced copy of what is in each of the clients.

Offline use is a setting to change the way eM Client stores IMAP messages on the computer. Usually eM Client only stores the header, so when you click on a message it then fetches the content from the server. When offline mode is enabled, the full content is stored on the computer when the message arrives, so does not have to be downloaded when you click on the message. Deleting it from the server will also delete it on any IMAP connected client regardless of the offline setting.

Thanks for your help Gary. Eventually I just want to use one email client, to replace the no longer supported WLM. Windows 10 Mail is not very “configurable,” so I searched and found eM Client, which is pretty good. But I am keeping WLM until I am satisfied that everything I need from WLM is transferred. I don’t know the pros and cons of POP vs IMAP, so I don’t have a preference. WLM doesn’t seem to let me 
change to IMAP. I can’t just type IMAP into the box that now has POP3

However, I did manage to find the option you show above about deleting from the server (after 14 days) and unchecked it. Will that allow eMC (and Windows Mail) to access emails from now on that haven’t been deleted?

POP3 is generally used on a single computer or a single email client because it stores all sent and received emails on that computer only. IMAP stores all the emails on the server, so if you have multiple devices connecting to the same email account, they will all be synced with the same folders and messages.

Unfortunately you can’t change the protocol from POP3 to IMAP or back again after it has been setup. You would need to add the account from scratch as one or the other. But with deleting disabled in WLM and eM Client, you should be able to test eM Client successfully and they will both get the same Inbox emails. Just be aware that any email you send from the one client, will not be in the Sent folder on the other.