Where are the arrows showing if an email was replied to or forwarded?;

How to get those icons?
I know that when I change the status of the conversations - I will see the icons. But I like this method f conversations and it is working with lots of clients when you can see both - icons of replied and forwarded emails along with turned on conversations.

And I know to which messages I answered:)

How to sort all the emails in conversations in the reverse order? When is the latest message up? How to turn it on, when I see the latest message in the conversation not up but at the bottom?

That would be great if you add the possibility to add google calendar without adding the inbox

Does your program understand outlook invitations?

And the last thing. We can sort the whole inbox according to whom we sent emails, categories and so on. The problem is that even if I reply anyone with the email I received yesterday the whole conversation will still be displayed as of yesterday. It is not updated showing that the reply was sent today. The email is not going up on the list of emails.

I found the way how to solve this and added one more filter - sent emails. But I have to choose if I see the icons of forwarded and replied emails, or I can use the filtration described above. Why can’t I use both simultaneously?

P.S. Sorry for my English:(

Yeah, the icons can’t be displayed because the individual messages are not displayed in the list. Just a single item for the conversation. A solution would be to have an expanded tree view like some other email clients have, then you could possibly include the icons there for each message. Currently, the only place you can see this information is in the message header.

The sorting of messages in a conversation I also think is the wrong way. Newer messages should be at the top, but this can’t be changed.

You can add just a Google Calendar by Menu > Tools > Accounts, then add a new account. Select Calendar . . .

Outlook invitations are accepted, and the organizer notified if you accept.

The conversations view in Inbox sorts primarily based on received emails, and does not consider the sent replies for sorting purposes. So the conversation is listed by the date of the last received email in that conversation. Of course, if you go to the Sent folder, it will be sorted by the last reply you sent. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Gary
But for me, to have fully ready conversations and to know which message I answered are the most important:( 
Will try to find something else, though the app is great. I wish it suits exactly my needs

Actually, you can sort conversations by Sent in the Inbox. My mistake.

Change the Receive to Sent. I think that will give you the order you want.

If the Sent option is not available, right-click on the Sorted by option and choose Columns Configuration.

Then add Sent.

Yes, you are right. But if I need to combine both conversation mode and icons to see replied emails - it is impossible(
I need both
When I turn off convesation mode to see which email I replied, I can add Sent filter though, it doesn’t change anything:(((
I need the mix of both possibilities

I personally use Conversations in Message Detail Only. For me it is a happy medium between full conversations and none. I can see all the related messages in the message detail, and I can see those great little icons in the message list. I am also attached to them.:slight_smile:

The same. But even in this case, “sent” filter in the colomns doesn’t work. Sent messages are not going up

Because it is an Inbox, there are no sent items there, so you won’t see them. You would either have to move all the sent items to that folder, or create a search folder that shows both received and sent items. Or if you are using GMail IMAP, you can view everything in the All Mail folder.

Some more details, please?
Can I somehow set up move of all sent items automatically?
It seems that search folder is not the option
And how can I set up all mail folder?

Yes, you can move emails you send automatically. You do this with a Rule. Menu > Tools > Rules. Setup a new rule for messages you send, and select the folder you want to move them to.

But I would not really recommend that with GMail. Better to keep inbox and Sent separate, and view them in the All Mail folder. This should be visible if you used Automatic Setup for your GMail account, or if you set it up manually with IMAP. It is not an option with a POP3 setup.

A Search Folder is also a good option, especially with servers other than GMail, or if you are using POP3. Right-click on Smart Folders and choose New Search Folder.

Give it a name, and under Folders, choose Custom Selection, then select your Inbox and Sent folder. Click OK. You don’t need to change any other items.

If your Search Folder is not visible when you have finished, right-click on Smart Folders and select Display > Search Folders.