Where are my sent messages?

I sent an email about a week ago and got a response a few days later.  Now that I’ve had time to think about the subject, I’m ready to reply, but I can’t find either the original message or the other persons reply.  I figured I could use the search function (upper right corner) and search for the other persons email address.  As I began typing, it autofilled the field, so I must have used that address in eM. I pressed Enter and got no results.  Where did the two messages go?

Unless you have disabled it, eM Client will keep a recipient history of all addresses you send to. So even if the message has been deleted, the address will still be there to auto-fill in the search box. But the search might not be including all folders. Click the down arrow in the right of the search box and make sure All Folders is selected, then try again.

Unless you have a Rule moving messages, incoming will always be in Inbox, and outgoing will always be in Sent.

I don’t have any rules set up and I tried using the down arrow to include All Folders, but I still get no results. I haven’t emptied my Deleted items, so even if I mistakenly deleted it, it should be there, right?

If you deleted something, it should be in the Trash. Do you maybe have another device connecting to the same email account?

I’ve searched everywhere and noticed that many of the more recent items in the trash are gone.  I probably mistakenly put it in the trash, then deleted it from the trash.  I need to be more careful.