Where are my folders stored for external backup?

Just started using EMC, but can’t locate where my emails and folders are stored. I use a third party programme to back up to an external HDD.

Other email clients have a Profiles directory where the various folders are stored, but I’ve been through all under Users > [user] > AppData > Roaming > eMclient and there’s nothing like that.

All my accounts are POP3, in case it makes a difference.


You can see (and change) the database location here: Menu > Settings > General > Storage.

Ah! Thanks, that’s just what I needed to know.


I would suggest to also setup the automatic backup in eM Client which backs up everything to a.zip file and copy those .zip files to your external drive or external cloud drive with your own backup program.

Good to have just incase. I personally keep the last 3 .zip backups on a periodic backup.

Backup (emclient.com)

Excellent suggestion, thanks. Having just started to understand how EMC stores its files I’d been mulling over similar ideas. Having what amounts to a separate ‘profile’ for each account (5 in my case) makes the business rather cumbersome.

Well, not very impressed with the built-in back-up. It took half an hour and the compressed file size is 8GB. My third party programme whipped though the lot in a few seconds, total just under 9GB. So the compressing, which took ages, was hardly worth the bother, especially since the whole half-hour process hogged the PC’s resources and slowed everything else to a crawl. Surely it should work better than this?

My third-party back-up is actually synch software, so after the initial back-up last night it will only add modified files and thus be even faster.

Unfortunately that won’t work. EM Client is a complete database, and you cannot normally just restore individual files from a backup. That will probably break the database after the restore. If you want to use a third party app for backup, eM Client needs to be closed when that is done, and you need the complete database folder in every backup.

The difference is that the eM Client backup is not just compressing the database. It performs maintenance on the database by first creating a shadow copy, because eM Client may be running while the backup happens, then reconstituting the wal files into the dat files, and verifying the result before writing the zip file. So a lot more is going on that just zipping a folder.

Thanks Gary. The intention would be not to restore individual files but the entire contents of the folder C:\Users\Playtech\AppData\Roaming\eM Client—would that not work? Just run that again with the synch software and it took 8 SECONDS!

As for the time taken, regardless of what might be going on, if it’s going to clog up my PC for half an hour every night then frankly it’s no good to me. Surely it has to work better than this? It wouldn’t be so bad if it could be scheduled for when I’m in bed, but there appears to be no way of setting a time.

I have to say this is very disappointing.

No. Because restoring from an incremental or differential backup will combine files from different dates to rebuild the original folder. In most cases that will break the database.

It runs in the background while eM Client is in use, so it should not affect your use of the application.

Once you have setup the automatic backup in eM Client, go to the Windows Task Scheduler, where you can change the time the backup will run. The backup will run on that schedule as long as the computer is running, regardless of whether eM Client is or not. If the computer is shutdown at that time, the backup will run as soon as the computer restarts.

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Thanks again, Gary. It sounds as though Task Scheduler might be the answer, but I can’t work out how to invoke it for that specific task. Sorry to be helpless, but I’m no IT whizz, just a humble button-pusher. What should I enter in this window? EMC would be running already, so I don’t understand how this works, how it could be made to trigger the backup function.


I can’t work out how to invoke it for that specific task

If you enable the “Periodic Backup” in eM Client via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup” the task will automatically be there in Task Scheduler, where you can then just adjust the autobackup time.



Right, I think that’s sorted thanks to your patience and clear instructions—much appreciated. Will see what happens overnight. Cheers.

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