Where are my eM Client emails stored on my Windows 10 laptop?

I use ‘local folders’ to store my emails off line. However, I cannot find where they are stored in my ‘C’ drive. Under C:\Users\Use name\AppData\Roaming\eM Client there are none of my emails. The problem that I need to resolve is that I need to find some emails. I am using the search facility on Windows 10 to search word strings but nothing comes up. So then I have looked through my folders and still nothing comes up. I have unticked the “don’t show hidden files and folders” The emails must be somewhere, but where?

The messages are stored within a database at the location you have mentioned, but they cannot be accessed except inside the eM Client application.

There is a search facility in eM Client that you can use to find your messages. You can either use the search box in the top right or with he shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F.

Thank you. Oh dear. I moved to EM Client because I thought it would be easier. On my old program (windows live) every email containing the word string showed up on a search of the whole computer.
The search facility you mention is unwieldy because I have to know in which storage file the emails are contained, to search. I have around 100 storage files so that is impracticable. There seems to be no way that I can simply search them all at once. Is that correct?

I have now managed to customise the search to include all folders, thank you. I think though that I need to find a new email program because it was much simpler to see all my emails in windows explorer.