Where are emails are being stored in EML format

I used the deduplictor function in EmClient but found that it didn’t do a good job, so I bought a third party product to do that duplicate reming fuction
I was surprissed that I couldn’t find the EML files were stored on my pc
All I could find was data files
Has anybody had this problem

eM Client doesn’t store the messages as eml files. It stores them within a database.

You will not be able to use another application to remove duplicates unless it is able to access you data on the mail server directly.

Thanks for that Gary
That’s the conclusion that I have come to.
But why do software sellers sell the product with the expectation to the client that the data is readily available. I have made a request for a refund as the product is incompatable with my system

I don’t know what your application claims to do. If it accesses the messages on the server, then it will work independent of what email client you are using. But if it claims to access the messages within the email application, that might either be a false claim or it is an exceptional piece of software.

What was the issue with using the Deduplicator?

The duplicator identified lots of duplicate but never deleted them. When I ran it again it didn’t identify any duplicates