Where are email stored on MacOS?

Hi! Can anyone tell me where I can find the folder with all the emails on MacOS (Catalina)? Sync with gmail is stuck and I would like to make a copy of all emails that are present on my hard drive

the location of the database :

/Users/NAME/Library/Application Support/eM Client

Did they mean this place?
Then there’s the backup.

directory can be looked up:
EmClient - Settings - General - Memory and Backup.

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eM Client is simply giving you a view of your messages that are on the Google server, just like with webmail. The messages are not stored on your computer, but actually on the server.

However, eM Client stores a cached copy of the messages within a SQL database, but you cannot copy the emails from a directory on your computer like you can with a mbox file. What you can do is copy the whole database by using Menu > File > Backup, and that will make a zipped copy of the SQL database. The data in the database can only be accessed by restoring it to an eM Client application. Or you can manually copy the whole database folder to another location. To do that, find it’s location in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Storage, then close eM Client and copy that folder as you need. But still, those files can only be accessed by eM Client. This cached data might also not be complete messages, as by default eM Client only stores the message header - so the Date, To, From and Subject. This does not include the message body and attachments.

If eM Client is having an issue with your Gmail account, you can go to Menu > Tools > Operations and look for any error in the Log tab. Or, as the data is not stored on your computer, you can go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and just remove the Gmail account from eM Client, then add it again. That will enable it to resync with the server.

You did not say what version of eM Client you are using. You can find that in Menu > Help > About. If you are using a beta version (8.x) you can get assistance by sending an email to testing@emclient.com