Where Are eM Support People?

My Free Trial is about to end and I have to decide whether to purchase the Pro version or look elsewhere for another Client.

It states in the “blurb” that eM Support people monitor the questions asked in the Community, but I have two questions, one which is 24 days old and the other about 12 days old, so far unanswered by anyone.

If this is an example of eM’s “support”, it looks sensible that I should look elsewhere for Clent software.

Does anyone have experience of eM’s Tech Support for the Pro version please?

Thank you,


You use a special support page with the Pro version, not this forum.  I have always had good response times

Sorry folks, this here forum is advertised by emClient - the company - under the heading “SUPPORT”. It doesn’t say “if you want support, go elswhere”. Instead it says: 

"Community Support

For customers with the free license, we offer Community Support with the assistance of our experts.

This modern support engine is based on the popular Getsatsfaction.com engine, and our Support Engineers regularly monitor the forums."

The so called “Support Engineers” have been noted for their absence from this forum for more than a week, when peopöe have been reporting serious problems.

This and the fact that no bug-fixing releases have been forthcoming for almost two months are the signs of a struggling company. As the OP stated, people are asking themselves if it is wise under these circumstances to shell out money for a pro - let alone a lifetime licence. It should be a priority for the officials at emClient to assure prospective customers that there still is a viable business, if indeed there is.

John A ---- Yes, but if they aren’t interested in responding to non-Pro and as Peter Funken has written, they have been absent for a long time, then it doesn’t seem a wise investment when there are other who obviously care more.
Thanks for your input anyway.

Peter – With only a couple of days of the trial remaining and still no response from them, it looks as if I shall keep my money and look elsewhere for a company which will show more interest in its customers.
Thanks for helping with my decision-making process.