Where are Custom Search Folders Stored?

I have a couple Em Client licenses. When I change the custom search folders on one pc I have to manually do it on the second pc. I have tried exporting and importing settings, which brings in the accounts and such, but not the search folders.

You can export them in Menu > File > Export > Settings, so here:


When you import that on the other device, they will be in Search folders in the left sidebar.

Are you getting any errors when you import the settings?

Hi, I had been exporting settings by going to the Settings panel first. I tried it your way and don’t see the option to select “Search Folders”

See attached screenshot. I am on eM Client 9.2.1735 (3d90379). I have about a dozen custom made search folders.

Please upgrade to the latest version in the Release History.

That fixed it! Thanks!!