When will be spell checker in polish?

I want to buy “eM Client”, but I want to know when will be spell checker in polish?

The latest version of eM Client contains feature allowing to download most of the spellchecker dictionaries (including Polish).

Could you explain in details, how to download polish speller, please. I’ve eM v.5.0.17263.0. Thanks

Tools - Settings - Mail - SpellChecker - Download dictionaries

I can’t find the button “Download dictionaries”

Some screenshots:

apple touch icon

apple touch icon

apple touch icon

Thanks for replay: “Tools - Settings - Mail - SpellChecker - Download dictionaries”
If it was that easy … The point is, that I do not have such an option :frowning:
But even if I had, how do I know where to download the dictionary from ?
Below, I belive, you’ll see relevant screen shot

Hello, this feature is not available in version 5.0.17263 which you have. There will be an update in a next few days with this feature, so please wait until eM Client offers you to download it.

I am sorry for this misunderstanding - if you want, you can contact me directly at wilson@emclient.com and I will send you the latest version.