When typing a new email and the 'page' is full, the characters disappear off the bottom of my screen - and I can't scroll down to see them.

When typing a new email and the ‘page’ is full, the characters disappear off the bottom of my screen - (and fall, unseen, on to the top of my table). Please, what am I doing incorrectly? There is no sidebar to utilize so that I may scroll downward. I’ve never experienced this problem with previous email clients…  
Otherwise, I am happy with how eM Client performs - easy to install, configure, tweak and use.  The main feature was being able to save emails as “.eml” files to specific files in my computer with a few clicks.

Did you configure your Graphics Settings to use a Screen-Resolution bigger than the native Screen-Resolution? Something like “Overscan” or something? 

That would make Windows “think” that your Screen is bigger than it actually is and the Graphics-Driver only shows a part of the (larger) Virtual Screen-Area …



Heeey, Fritz - Let’s not get too carried away, here - as an elderly type in his early 70s you’re discussing solutions that are way above my (retirement) pay scale.  And knowledge / competence levels.  As a computer whiz I’d probably make a pretty good builder of cattle yards…
I do, however, really appreciate your kind and thoughtful response.  Your ‘question mark’ describes me precisely!

When I ‘Reply’ to an email, the vertical grey scroll bar on the right of the ‘reply page’ is similarly not visible, but once I reach the bottom of the page and start disappearing off the screen, simply hitting ‘Enter’ or ‘space bar’ will then result in that scroll bar appearing - and life is great again.
This does not happen when I make a new email.

I don’t think it is a screen resolution function (but what would I know?) as I don’t see why the two functions should not be similar, in their execution, nor why I would (or should) need to change my screen parameters for this single function.

All other email programs that I’ve used over the years have not functioned as does eM Client, when typing a new email, as the type will simply scroll upward (as it does in ‘reply’, above).

Many thanks,

hi Brian,

As often: a Screenshot would be helpful, but lets try it that way.

The stuff I was writing about is not rocket-science, just a few clicks and therefore
this could have “happened” by mistake when clicking around - even with limited IT-knowledge :slight_smile:

What you describe, sounds as if sometimes, some parts of a window are missing.
Parts = right and bottom Border, where usually the Scrollbars are shown…

When clicking on “reply” eM-Client opens a new Window.
Does your Computer do the same?

If if does: is this “new Window” fully visible = all borders within the Screen limits?


Don ́t worry about your eyes: I blurred some contents for privacy-reasons
and to help 
to focus on the important part: the Reply-window.

Does it look like this?
if not: can you move the Window by grabbing it with the mouse on the Title-Bar?
(that ́s the area on the very top where it usually says: "Re: ")

Does it somehow change when you click in this Symbol
on the Title-Bar of the Reply-Window?

kind regards, 

Hello Brian,
thank you for the kind words, glad you like eM Client.
But I agree with Fritz, the issue you desribe is hard to understand - could you provide a screenshot?
Is your problem perhaps just cause by the new minimized scroll bars? You can use your scroll mouse button to look further down.
Or, if you’d prefer to see the scrollbars in all windows at all times, you can change the eM Client theme to Classic or System in Tools>Settings>Appearance>Themes.


Have no idea how to do a screen shot, Olivia - I’ll try to find out.
I did change the theme to ‘Classic’ - made no difference.  The ‘page’ or ‘tile’ or whatever the new email area is called doesn’t respond to any coaxing.
The minimized scroll bars function OK when I am replying to an email - there is no problem in that regard.
HOWEVER, with my son looking over my shoulder, I went ‘Menu’, ‘View’, ‘Sidebar’, ‘Minimised Sidebar’ (it had been on ‘Hidden Sidebar’) and it ‘looks’ like it might work.
The next email I type that is lengthy will prove it, one way or the other.
Kind regards - and thank you for your bearing with me,

By golly gosh, Fritz - you sure went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me in my time of need.

Had both you and Olivia not asked for ‘screen shots’ and had I not had to prevail upon my son to look over my shoulder to advise me how to do a screen shot, I wouldn’t have (hopefully) fixed my own mess.

Unlike your screen shot, my ‘new email’ borders were:  Top level with top of screen, sides similar to yours, bottom border somewhere below the bottom of my toolbar (or possibly level with the bottom of my screen/level with the bottom of my toolbar).

Grabbing the top of the new message at ‘[no subject - New Message]’ I could drag it lower or around the screen - but not higher, so as to expose the bottom border.

Clicking on the ‘expand’ frame did as it would with any window, to expand and contract.

I’ll post again tomorrow morning (Eastern Australian real time for Queensland - no daylight saving!).

Thank you so very much for all your efforts.

Kind regards,

Dear Fritz & Olivia,

I have it working to my satisfaction, thank you.

The cursor or the typed characters of the last two lines hide in the black toolbar area of my screen - I couldn’t see that in daylight.
Simply hitting ‘Return’ at this point will not only bring the typed characters into view, it will also have the effect of revealing the scroll sidebar.
A couple of vertical full stops below the last typed line, with ongoing typing placed above those full stops ensures all typed characters can be seen, thus:
Kindest regards,

hi Brian, 

That is called a “work around” but not a solution.

I still think, that your Reply-Window is displayed bigger than the Screen-Limits
and therefore the bottom of the Window is not shown
(since its below the bottom border of your Screen…)

You wrote, that you can grab and move the top of the Window.

* Please try to grab it and move the Window a few cm/inches down.

* now try to move the mouse-pointer to the top-Border of the Window
until the Pointer looks like this:

now lets reduce the height of the Window:

* click and hold the left Mouse-button and move the mouse until the windows is reduced in height.

* now release the button and grab the Window as done before and move it up a bit.

Is the bottom border of the Window visible now ?
if not repeat the steps:   reduce Window height, move Window up.

any success?


Dear Fritz - you deserve a gold star for your efforts! Or a cold beer on a hot day.

That works - I can resize and shift it wherever I wish.  I must have fluked it first time, as I wasn’t exactly sure what you meant about to where to grab the second time [header area], after I had dragged the top border downward.

So, not only have you educated me in the ways of eMclient, you have also ensured I read up on how to do a 'screenshot.

Will eMclient be giving you a ‘MVP’ party on your next birthday anniversary?
Even though I did read up on all the things eMclient can do, I don’t think I will be doing much exploring of those great features - us elderly types can get into enough trouble doing the simplest of things.

Thank you so very much!

Kindest regards,

Hi Brian,

You are welcome  :-)

kind regards from Austria to Australia.

Hello Brian.  I am a professional independent remote assistant (say that fast three times). I work with seniors every week (I am a senior too).

Learning how to make screenshots is very important and one of the easiest methods is using the Windows Snipping Tool which is part of Windows 7 through Windows 10.  I always pin it to my clients’ Taskbar when I am connected to their computers.  Whenever you need to make a screenshot of something on your screen, be it a web page, folder, program - anything that appears on your screen, you can use Snipping Tool to draw a rectangle around an area on the screen and voila! As you as you release the left mouse button you have a cropped and ready to save screenshot to attach to an email or upload to a website.

Here’s a good tutorial on using Snipping Tool:


Thank you, Mouse and Seniors Wrangler, for your advice.
I did peruse that tutorial yesterday when Fritz & Olivia were inducing me to be daring and adventurous, to lash out and to learn something new for the day - but thought ‘Alt+PrintScreen’ might be right up my alley.  Doing screen grabs has not been something that lights my fire, so to speak.
I haven’t tried it, as yet - but if my choice doesn’t work I’ll pursue other alternatives.

In recent weeks/months Winten has harassed me and nearly driven me to the demon drink when it ‘hangs’ or crashes and when formerly faithful programs no longer work and I have to search for a replacement but I have persevered and this beast now trundles along quite happily - thus I expect that when I really have to get around to ‘shooting screens’ my aim will be true - the rear sight won’t be all fuzzy - nor will my fingers and arms be shaky.  [Allegorical - I’d actually use a 12 pound sledgehammer - if I could find one - and lift it!].

When I have problems from time to time, I usually read the manual - but sometimes the manual doesn’t have the solution because the writer never thought just how mundane, everyday things are beyond the computer illiterate growing-older-by-the day users.